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Conscious Parenting

Mindful Living Course for Parents — Second edition

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This edition published in by Artof4elements in Malta.

Written in English

228 pages

Mindful Living Parenting 12 Modules Self Development Course. Paperback edition.

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Edition Availability
Cover of: Conscious Parenting
Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents
2015, Artof4elements
Paperback in English - Second edition
Cover of: Conscious Parenting
Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents
2014, Artof4elements
eBook in English - First edition

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Conscious Parenting (Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Book #5) First published in 2014

Work Description

Conscious Parenting is the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training designed for parents. We use Transformation Tools and Spiritual Exercises to help parents get in touch with Soul, Love, and Patience when dealing with kids.

Exploring the magic parenting world with: Spiritual Parenting Diary, Developing Parenting Virtues, Meditations, Rhythm, Day-to-day Routine, Happy Family Structure, etc. the course offers some very inspiring Mindfulness Exercises. 

'After many years that I've spent examining and studying children's psychology and exploring the wonders of pedagogy some essential questions kept following me and inspiring my journey:
- Is there such a thing as an ideal parent and an ideal growing environment for our children?
- What is it that our little ones need to grow into happy, independent and fulfilled human beings?
- What is it that we (grown-ups) need to do so that our children stay stress-free and joyful?
- How to understand the needs of these gentle and pure souls that are given to us for our guidance without suffocating their inborn happiness?
- How to cultivate the perfect goodness that is a part of their being without distorting it into: anger, doubt, distress, unhappiness?
- How to protect them and what is it exactly that we need to protect?

The Conscious Parenting Course was born out of these Magic Questions.
All through the mindfulness exercises of the Conscious Parenting Course, the parents are encouraged to listen to their Souls and to come back to love, awareness, consciousness hoping to inspire the parents capacity to stay Creative, Loving and Full of Energy.' Ivana Milosavljevic, Mgr. Education
Conscious Parenting Book: Positive Parenting and Spirituality


“'We live surrounded by an increasingly complex matrix of impulses allowing strangers of all sorts (TV, media, Internet) interfere in our children’s mental, emotional and spiritual development. Understanding this intricate network and how does the human brain interacts with it is increasingly becoming our door to happiness and health.'”
“'The self or the personality is a bundle of socially influenced traits that emerges and gets formed gradually. We are shaped by our parents and neighbors, by our religion, the media, by various marketing agendas of major corporations, by our state’s politics, by the way we behave or misbehave towards our-own body, our mind, environment, animals and plants, and our planet Earth.'”
“'what would we need to do to understand the importance of a healthy body, to manage our emotions and nurture love for our friends and family, to become aware of how we can help ourselves and our children make a positive impact on our society or the environment, or discover the purpose of life and ways to be happy?'”
“'If we wish to have a beautiful, peaceful and safe home, we need healthy expanding roots that go deep into the ground. These roots are our routine, our stability, our structure.'”
If we do not respect our Earth, the world of emotions and mental development will suffer. We all need rhythm in our food consumption, in our sleep patterns, in our cleanliness and our exercise regime. This routine does not come naturally and it is learned and exercised from very young age.The Rhythm is carried and supported by our ability to:
Respect Routine
Create Stability
Build Structure'”
“'Every child is an individual with a different growth rate and a potential that is varied and vast. Respecting the needs of our little ones from a very early age, listening to their unique voices, hearing their wants will assure them that no matter how tiny they are somebody will kneel down to Listen. Respecting the potential that is hidden within each child, we respect their potential to become Kings of their Trade, or Saviors of the World to come.'”
“'Soul stands at the center of the children growth and development, as an Essence, an Observer, Consciousness coming forth to experience the magic of Life. Be tentative to the Soul’s whispers. A child has a deep longing to discover that the world is based on truth. Respect that longing. In our attempt to help children grow into inspired adults, we wish them to carry the youthfulness of their souls, and the wonders of childhood into their old age.'”
“A child has a deep longing to discover that the World is based on Truth. Respect that longing. In our attempt to help children grow into Inspired Adults, we wish them to carry the Youthfulness of their Souls, and the Wonders of Childhood into their old age."

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Edition Description

Mindful Living Parenting 12 Modules Self Development Course. Paperback edition.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Self-Development Course Conscious Parenting 2
Parenting is an art form 3
Conscious Parenting Self Development Course Methodology 10
Commitment Contract 13
Conscious Parenting Main Principles 15
Love Rhythm and Priorities 16
Priorities 23
Love 33
Module 1 Body 43
Observe Your Nutrition 44
Personality Questionnaire 1 Your attitude towards your body 49
Exercise 1 Defining your Areas for Improvement 51
Exercise 2 Rhythm and Food 53
Exercise 3 Create Your Dream Healthy Menu 58
Exercise 4 Breaking Stereotypes 60
Module 2 Your Home 61
Observe Your Attitude towards your Home 62
Questionnaire 1 Describing Your Environment 66
Exercise 1 Defining Areas of Improvement within Your Home 68
Exercise 2: Beautify Your Home 71
Exercise 3 Conscious Use of Colors 72
Exercise 4 Implement Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your Holistic Home 74
Module 3 Conscious & Unconscious Thinking 75
Happiness Test, Conscious Parenting Self Development Course 78
Questionnaire 1 Your Thinking Patterns 80
Exercise 1: My World, Our World 82
Exercise 2 Identify Your Mental Fixations 84
Exercise 3: Be Mindful 95
Exercise 4 Train Your Will Power 96
Exercise 5: Practice Concentration and Focus 99
Exercise 6: Draw Your Mandala 103
Exercise 7: Transform Your Anger 104
Task 1 Start with your Daily Meditation 107
Human Brain and its Magic 108
Practice Divergent Thinking 112
Practice Creativity 116
Module 4 Time / Life Wasters 119
Questionnaire 1 Your Time Wasters 120
Exercise 1: Master Your Daily Habits 122
Human Brain and Technology 124
Exercise 2: De-clutter and Simplify 127
Module 5 Feelings 128
Observe Your Feelings 129
Exercise 1: Exercise Awareness 132
Exercise 2: Your Soul’s Diary 134
Exercise 3: Practice Virtues 135
Module 6 Core Beliefs 138
Understanding Core Beliefs 139
Questionnaire 1 My Core Beliefs 142
Exercise 1 What are your LIMITING BELIEFS 145
Exercise 2 Draw a Flower of Beliefs 147
Exercise 3 My Name 148
Exercise 4 Challenge Existing Beliefs 149
Module 7 Relationships 151
Questionnaire 1 Relationship Questionnaire 152
Exercise 1: Ten tiny changes 157
Exercise 2: Are You Truly Listening? 159
Exercise 3 Exercise Conscious Speech 160
Exercise 4: Secret Gift 163
Exercise 5: Circle of Love 164
Exercise 6: Learn about Each Other and Have Fun 165
Exercise 7: Your Relationship Plan 169
Exercise 8: Express Freedom 172
Module 8 Our Greater Surrounding 173
Questionnaire 1 Our Greater Surrounding 174
Exercise 1 Change the Word 177
Exercise 2 I have the power to change the world 178
Exercise 3: Service 179
Module 9 Your Dreams 183
Exercise 1 Identify Your True Dreams 185
Questionnaire 1 Your True Dreams 189
Questionnaire 2 Your Child’s Dreams 193
Module 10 Your True Goals 194
Exercise 1 Your Personal Development Plan 196
Module 11 Spirituality 199
Exercise 1 What is Karma? 200
Exercise 1 So What is Karma For You? 200
Exercise 2: Your Spiritual Diary 201
Module 12 Spirituality & You 206
Exercise 1 Have Divine as the main focus all through your day 207
Exercise 2 Drumming, Meditation, Yoga Circle 208
Exercise 3 Enter Your Dream World 209
Exercise 4 Seek Spiritual Company 211
List of Recommended Books 213

Edition Notes

Printed Book

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Book 5
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649.1, 158.1


  • Consultant
    Ivana Milosavljevic

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