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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Swanee Hunt, 1 book
Jan Simoen, 1 book
Joseph Kerrigan, 1 book
James P. Reger, 1 book
Diane Yancey, 1 book
Robert C. Owen, 1 book
Robert Howse, 1 book
Geoffrey Archer , 1 book
Cameron Spence, 1 book
New Republic, 1 book
Carol Off, 1 book
Edward R. Ricciuti, 1 book
Payam Akhavan, 1 book
Chris Stephen, 1 book
Harvey Fireside, 1 book
Sylvia Brownrigg, 1 book
Bell, Martin, 1 book
Harris, Nathaniel, 1 book
Harris, Paul, 1 book
Fred Doucette, 1 book
Judi Benson, 1 book
Gerald Seymour, 1 book
Ellen Blackman, 1 book
Lewis MacKenzie, 1 book
Paul Mojzes, 1 book


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