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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frith, Francis., 13 books
Marie Hartley, 8 books
Joan Ingilby, 7 books
Ben Chapman, 7 books
Mave Chapman, 6 books
Roly Smith, 5 books
Ian Hay, 4 books
Clive Hardy, 4 books
Joan Jones, 3 books
Malcolm Neesam, 3 books
Melvyn Jones, 3 books
Stephen Harrison, 3 books
Dennis R. Kelsall, 3 books
Jan Kelsall, 3 books
Mel Jones, 3 books
Bob Cochrane, 3 books
Edward Waterson, 3 books
Margaret Cochrane, 3 books
David Joy, 2 books
Ian Sumner, 2 books
Robert E. Preedy, 2 books
Mike Cottingham, 2 books
Malcolm MacDonald, 2 books
Michael Park, 2 books
Tierney, 2 books


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