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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tom Wolfe, 21 books
Ron Ransom, 8 books
Al Streetman, 8 books
Cleve Taylor, 5 books
Paul F. Bolinger, 4 books
Kelley Stadelman, 4 books
Bill Higginbotham, 3 books
Ballo Rebora, 3 books
Jim Maxwell, 3 books
David Sabol, 3 books
Dale Power, 3 books
Larry Green, 3 books
Harold L. Enlow, 2 books
Mariana Giordano, 2 books
Caricature Carvers of America, 2 books
E. J. Tangerman, 2 books
G. A. Blinov, 1 book
Irene Curbelo de Díaz, 1 book
Duhyun Lee, 1 book
Samuel Nakamura, 1 book
Walter Werner, 1 book
Larkin Scull, 1 book
Dick Onians, 1 book
Hans Brockhage, 1 book
Curtis J. Badger, 1 book


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