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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clarke, Austin, 8 books
Caryl Phillips, 5 books
Phillips, Mike, 4 books
Janet Wallach, 3 books
Margaret Byron, 3 books
Susan Okokon, 3 books
Sheila Patterson, 2 books
Joseph Conrad, 2 books
Ceri Peach, 2 books
Dionne Brand, 2 books
George Lamming, 2 books
Harry Goulbourne, 2 books
Victoria Brown, 2 books
Salkey, Andrew., 2 books
Minette Walters, 2 books
Donna Daley-Clarke, 2 books
J. Garland, 2 books
Arif Ali, 2 books
Derek Walcott, 2 books
S. Lyle, 2 books
Barry Maitland, 2 books
J. Benyon, 2 books
Michel Prince of Greece, 2 books
Winston Lloyd Brown, 2 books
Anthony H. Richmond, 2 books


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