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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herbert Bast, 7 books
Robert J. McDonald, 6 books
James, David., 6 books
Donald R. Brann, 3 books
Society of Automotive Engineers, 3 books
Marguerite Maddox, 3 books
Taylor, Don, 3 books
Stephenson, John W., 3 books
David James, 3 books
Alex Law, 3 books
Dorothy L. Gates, 3 books
Mel Marshall, 2 books
John Krasny, 2 books
Derek Balfour, 2 books
Thomas Sheraton, 2 books
Don Taylor, 2 books
British Standards Institution., 2 books
Vytenis Babrauskas, 2 books
Mario Dal Fabbro, 2 books
Madeleine Jarry, 2 books
Frederick Palmer, 2 books
Page Parker, 2 books
C. Howes, 2 books
Desmond Gaston, 2 books
Kay Hardy, 2 books


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