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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Janis Pearl Sarra, 2 books
Colleen M. Flood, 2 books
Michal S. Gal, 2 books
Avner Levin, 2 books
Guy Davidov, 2 books
Russell Stewart Brown, 2 books
Asher Alkoby, 2 books
Merav Shmueli, 2 books
Eran S. Kaplinsky, 2 books
Daniel Sperling, 2 books
Samara Polansky, 2 books
David Wiseman, 2 books
Charlotte Lemieux, 1 book
Martin Shain, 1 book
Zhang, Xi., 1 book
Fukatsu, Eiichi., 1 book
Mayo Moran, 1 book
Duncan Cornell Card, 1 book
Jaya Sagade, 1 book
Robin Sutton Harris, 1 book
Ejan Mackaay, 1 book
Jennifer Richards, 1 book
Dan Gold, 1 book
Alex K. Gigeroff, 1 book
Jane Bailey, 1 book


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