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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James A. Thurber, 4 books
Stephen Skowronek, 4 books
John B. Judis, 3 books
Gregory L. Schneider, 3 books
William Henry Chafe, 3 books
M. J. Heale, 3 books
Desmond King, 3 books
Dan T. Carter, 3 books
William Edward Leuchtenburg, 3 books
Clyde Wilcox, 3 books
Bruce J. Schulman, 3 books
John J. Broesamle, 2 books
James K. Libbey, 2 books
Robert Higgs, 2 books
Mordecai Lee, 2 books
George Edwin Mowry, 2 books
George Moss, 2 books
Rixey Smith, 2 books
Donald Johnson, 2 books
Daniel P. Moynihan, 2 books
Thomas R. Dye, 2 books
Leon Wieseltier, 2 books
Carol Felsenthal, 2 books
Mark J. Rozell, 2 books
Carl Abbott, 2 books


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