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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Zmirak, 4 books
J. John, 3 books
Mark Stibbe, 3 books
Densie Matychowiak, 2 books
Denise Matychowiak, 2 books
Tim Sims, 2 books
Todd Hafer, 1 book
Barrett Brown, 1 book
Richard Lederer, 1 book
Maureen Kelly, 1 book
Jacob D. Eppinga, 1 book
Paul Allen, 1 book
Jeffrey Stone, 1 book
Adrian Reith, 1 book
Ariel Books, 1 book
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 1 book
Jedd Hafer, 1 book
Judy Bauer, 1 book
Victoria Hebert, 1 book
Dan Pegoda, 1 book
Michael Pauls, 1 book
Nick Kroll, 1 book
Jules Shell, 1 book
Becky Freeman, 1 book
Kyra Thompson, 1 book


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