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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roy Livesey, 3 books
John Wanless, 2 books
Caroline Shreeve, 1 book
Ann Walker, 1 book
Malcolm Hulke, 1 book
Donald Law, 1 book
Joseph Corvo, 1 book
Patsy Westcott, 1 book
Brent Q. Hafen, 1 book
George Logan, 1 book
Sara Martin, 1 book
Morris Fishbein, 1 book
Madeleine Harland, 1 book
Glen Finn, 1 book
Stephen Fulder, 1 book
Wright, James, 1 book
H. E. Stanton, 1 book
Harris L. Coulter, 1 book
Allegra Taylor, 1 book
Arabella Melville, 1 book
G. Maher, 1 book
Peter Davies, 1 book
John Ball, 1 book
Rose de'Rothschild Schwittau, 1 book
Madeleine Harland, 1 book


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