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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David J. Howe, 5 books
Lynnette Porter, 4 books
David Lavery, 4 books
Tim Brooks, 3 books
Mark Stammers, 3 books
Keith Topping, 3 books
Hillary Robson, 3 books
Paul Cornell, 2 books
Stephen James Walker, 2 books
Martin Day, 2 books
Lars Pearson, 2 books
Earle F. Marsh, 2 books
Dave Rogers, 2 books
Jason Alexander, 1 book
Gerry Davis, 1 book
Dave Martin, 1 book
James Walker, 1 book
Terry Nation, 1 book
Susanne Pollert, 1 book
Penny Stempel, 1 book
John Javna, 1 book
Gary Warner, 1 book
Deborah Williams, 1 book
Gerard J. Waggett, 1 book
Robert Harley, 1 book


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