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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Jones, 4 books
Judy R. Wilkerson, 4 books
William Steve Lang, 4 books
Eric Hoyle, 2 books
Ian Abbott, 2 books
Linda Evans, 2 books
James B. Rowley, 2 books
Cornelius L. Barker, 2 books
Daniel M. Perna, 2 books
James R. Davis, 2 books
Claudette J. Searchwell, 2 books
Patricia M. Hart, 2 books
Catherine A. Peterson, 2 books
Mazda Jenkin, 2 books
Sue Lord, 2 books
Kenneth D. Peterson, 2 books
Peter D. John, 2 books
Horace Bennett, 1 book
John D. Wilson, 1 book
Alain Mingat, 1 book
Mike Turner, 1 book
Shobhana Sosale, 1 book
Delbert Long, 1 book
Robert L. Linn, 1 book
Walter Enloe, 1 book


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