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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jenny Dugmore, 7 books
Shirley Lacy, 7 books
IEEE Computer Society., 3 books
Ccta, 3 books
IEEE, 3 books
Robert A. Stern, 2 books
Mark Edward Soper, 2 books
Terry William Ogletree, 2 books
Ed Tittel, 2 books
Arshad Khan, 2 books
Emmett Dulaney, 2 books
Robert Cordingley, 2 books
AL VALVANO, 2 books
Nancy B. Stern, 2 books
Simon Bell, 2 books
Charlie Russel, 2 books
Trevor Wood-Harper, 2 books
Julian Mott, 2 books
Anne Leeming, 2 books
Scott Mueller, 2 books
Chris Will, 1 book
Neil Willis, 1 book
Daniel Farkas, 1 book
Robert Siegel, 1 book
Susan Curran, 1 book


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