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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harry Harris, 4 books
Keir Radnedge, 2 books
Dave Smith, 2 books
Michael Tanner, 2 books
Steve Thomas, 2 books
Ben Searle, 2 books
Nigel Hollings, 1 book
Alan Trengove, 1 book
Ian Botham, 1 book
David Joy, 1 book
Alan Lee, 1 book
Norman Giller, 1 book
Dan Koeppel, 1 book
Bryon Butler, 1 book
Jimmy Greaves, 1 book
Stephen Hopkins, 1 book
Bob Roll, 1 book
Tom Cottrell, 1 book
Monte Dutton, 1 book
Jonathan Wilson undifferentiated, 1 book
Peter Hayter, 1 book
John Barrett, 1 book
John Williams, 1 book
Rob Mundle, 1 book
Jonathan Grotenstein, 1 book


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