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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Maria Fernanda Carvajal, 11 books
Irene Bordoy, 10 books
Fernando Alonso, 9 books
Carl Norac, 8 books
Sally Johnson, 7 books
Eduardo Ruiz, 7 books
Isidro Sanchez, 6 books
Isidro Sánchez, 6 books
Alma Flor Ada, 6 books
Maria Clemencia R. de Santos, 6 books
Mercedes Figueroa, 6 books
Walt Disney, 6 books
Gabriela Keselman, 5 books
Disney, 5 books
Claude Delafosse, 5 books
Adriana Martinez-villalba, 5 books
Walt Disney Company, 4 books
Axel Scheffler, 4 books
Matthew Price, 4 books
Horacio Elena, 4 books
Fabien Savary, 4 books
Isabelle Vadeboncoeur, 4 books
Teresa Novoa, 4 books
Lola Nunez, 4 books
Rocio Anton, 4 books


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