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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ken Mansfield, 5 books
Jake Brown, 4 books
Richard Spilsbury, 4 books
Dieter Bohlen, 3 books
Carrie Golus, 3 books
Russell Simmons, 3 books
Jennifer Egan, 3 books
Susan Traugh, 3 books
Joshi, G. N., 2 books
Donnell Alexander, 2 books
Suge Knight, 2 books
Kenneth Womack, 2 books
Clive Davis, 2 books
Ace Atkins, 2 books
Rich Cohen, 2 books
Sheryl J. Anderson, 2 books
Bruce Williams, 2 books
V. Vale, 2 books
Ian Macleay, 2 books
Anathalee Sandlin, 2 books
Nadine Cohodas, 2 books
Debbie Foy, 2 books
Fred Goodman, 2 books
David Bonner, 2 books
Kim Fowley, 2 books


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