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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Morrow, 3 books
Dayton Ward, 2 books
Amy Sterling Casil, 2 books
Keith Brooke, 2 books
Dave Galanter, 2 books
Gardner Dozois, 2 books
Jonathan Strahan, 2 books
Mike Resnick, 2 books
Jeffrey Thomas, 2 books
Kevin Killiany, 2 books
Kevin Dilmore, 2 books
Allyn Gibson, 2 books
Terry & Barbi Franklin, 2 books
Jim Blaylock, 2 books
Sarah H. Hoyt, 2 books
Lawrence M. Schoen, 2 books
Scott Thomas, 2 books
George Evans, 1 book
Gary K. Wolfe, 1 book
Jerry Oltion, 1 book
David Mack, 1 book
Adam-Troy Castro, 1 book
Ellen Weil, 1 book
George Griffith, 1 book
Lucius Shepard, 1 book


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