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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Spilsbury, 2 books
Dennis Fradin, 2 books
Louise A. Spilsbury, 2 books
Judith Bloom Fradin, 2 books
Mark Maslin, 1 book
Nancy Field, 1 book
Robin Kerrod, 1 book
Victor Gentle, 1 book
Trevor Day, 1 book
Simon Adams, 1 book
Ellen J. Prager, 1 book
Judith Fradin, 1 book
Ellen Prager, 1 book
Larry Nolte, 1 book
Kay Ewald, 1 book
Janet Perry, 1 book
Terry Boles, 1 book
Bill Haduch, 1 book
Adele Schepige, 1 book
Nick Hawken, 1 book
Tim Mayer, 1 book
Judy Fradin, 1 book
Nancy Woodman, 1 book
Shelly Nielsen, 1 book
Margo Sorenson, 1 book


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