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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph F. Murphy, 4 books
Ralph B. Kimbrough, 2 books
Dick Weindling, 2 books
Dennis R. Dunklee, 2 books
Pam Robbins, 2 books
John Walsh, 2 books
John T. Greer, 2 books
Cecil G Miskel, 2 books
Janice Hutchison, 2 books
Jerry J. Herman, 2 books
Janice Herman, 2 books
Patrick B. Forsyth, 2 books
Anna L. Valdez Perez, 2 books
Carolyn J. Wood, 2 books
David Jacquez, 2 books
Bruce M. Whitehead, 2 books
Devon Jensen, 2 books
L. David Weller, 2 books
Sylvia J. Weller, 2 books
Robert J. Shoop, 2 books
Joseph M. Giancola, 2 books
David H. Lepard, 2 books
Alice G. Foster, 2 books
Wayne K. Hoy, 2 books
Paula M. Short, 2 books


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