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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barbara Taylor, 2 books
Parker, Steve., 2 books
T. Sharpe, 1 book
Diagram Group., 1 book
Pat Bell, 1 book
Wendell E. Wilson, 1 book
Eunice Holsaert, 1 book
Martyn Bramwell, 1 book
Kevin Walsh, 1 book
Richard Atkinson, 1 book
John Stringer, 1 book
Caroline Grimshaw, 1 book
Melissa Gish, 1 book
Aileen Cleveland Higgins, 1 book
R.A. Fortey, 1 book
David Lambert, 1 book
Chris Carter, 1 book
Cook, 1 book
Kirk, 1 book
Simon & Schuster, 1 book
Cyril Walker, 1 book
Neale Monks, 1 book
Bob Symes, 1 book
Richard Herrington, 1 book
Chris Stanley, 1 book


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