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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Linda Johnson, 10 books
Sherie Bargar, 10 books
Chris Mattison, 4 books
Carl H. Ernst, 4 books
Ted O'Hare, 2 books
J. Alan Holman, 2 books
George R. Zug, 2 books
Michael V. Plummer, 2 books
Abrams, 2 books
Barbara Taylor, 2 books
Gerard T. Salmon, 2 books
Roxanne Rossi, 2 books
George Van Horn, 2 books
Whit Gibbons, 2 books
Tennant, Alan, 2 books
Stanley E. Trauth, 2 books
James H. Harding, 2 books
Rob Still, 2 books
Andy Swash, 2 books
Gerold Merker, 2 books
Eva Plaganyi-Lloyd, 2 books
Lionel Bender, 2 books
Marie Levine, 2 books
Henry W. Robison, 2 books
Robert Bender, 2 books


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