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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
E. Peters, 10 books
Dave Earley, 2 books
D. Evans, 2 books
Gary North, 2 books
Dolores Ready, 2 books
Eileen Drilling, 2 books
Judy Rothfork, 2 books
Kay S. McKean, 2 books
Tony Evans, 2 books
Nancy Orr, 2 books
Livingstone E.A., 2 books
Ronald C. White, 1 book
David B. Batstone, 1 book
Jack Shaw, 1 book
K. M. De Silva, 1 book
William G. Rusch, 1 book
Ellen S. Goldberg, 1 book
Carl Lawrence, 1 book
Charles W. Gusmer, 1 book
D. M. White, 1 book
Jan Johnson, 1 book
Michael J. O'Neal, 1 book
Elizabeth Andrew, 1 book
Jayne Weisblatt, 1 book
Reynolds R. Ekstrom, 1 book


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