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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hazelden Publishing, 11 books
Jamey McCullers, 7 books
Patrick Meyers, 4 books
Tanja Westfall, 4 books
Bryan E. Robinson, 4 books
Jennifer Schneider, 3 books
Earnie Larsen, 3 books
Bryan Robinson, 3 books
Terence T. Gorski, 3 books
Dennis Daley, 3 books
Solomon H. Snyder, 2 books
Gregory L. Little, 2 books
Phillip Hodson, 2 books
Lynn Isenberg, 2 books
Anne Hooper, 2 books
Therese Johnson Borchard, 2 books
Peter Bell, 2 books
William Lee Carter, 2 books
Various, 2 books
Hazelden Foundation, 2 books
Gary Ferguson, 2 books
Judy Miller, 2 books
William Burke, 2 books
Joel Osteen, 2 books
Larry Stephens, 2 books


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