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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Randall Robinson, 2 books
Sherman E. Pyatt, 1 book
Martin Bulmer, 1 book
Phillip McGuire, 1 book
Donald Spivey, 1 book
Allan Chase, 1 book
Jim Adamson, 1 book
Harry J. Knopke, 1 book
Henry A. Giroux, 1 book
E. J. B. Rose, 1 book
Hugh Tinker, 1 book
Bram Dijkstra, 1 book
Jack Levin, 1 book
Robert Harvey, 1 book
John W. Dower, 1 book
Robert J. Norrell, 1 book
Thomas Sowell, 1 book
Marc Mauer, 1 book
Marlene Nourbese Philip, 1 book
Nicholas Lemann, 1 book
Lusane, 1 book
Randall Kennedy, 1 book
Ishmael Reed, 1 book
Kimberle Crenshaw, 1 book
Neil Gotanda, 1 book


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