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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Bornstein, 4 books
Dwight Frizzell, 4 books
Carl Hausman, 3 books
Philip Benoit, 3 books
Kjirsten Georgison, 3 books
Gordon Payton, 2 books
Gracie Allen, 2 books
David S. Siegel, 2 books
Martin, Jr. Grams, 2 books
James Griffith, 2 books
Lynne S. Gross, 2 books
Peter Bergman, 2 books
Radiospirits, 2 books
Jay Mandeville, 2 books
Russ Kane, 2 books
Phil Proctor, 2 books
Tony Allard, 2 books
George Burns, 2 books
Walter Cronkite, 2 books
Sally Kane, 2 books
James Whitmore, 1 book
Federico Volpini, 1 book
David Ossman, 1 book
Robert E. Runstein, 1 book
Ted Allan, 1 book


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