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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne Millard, 6 books
Miroslav Verner, 6 books
Jean Philippe Lauer, 5 books
Bill Schul, 5 books
Stewart, Basil, 4 books
James Putnam, 4 books
Max Toth, 3 books
Smyth, C. Piazzi, 3 books
Rodolfo Benavides, 3 books
Adam Rutherford, 3 books
Eduardo Galleani Viacava, 3 books
David Macaulay, 3 books
John Garnier, 3 books
Jacqueline Morley, 3 books
Alberto Siliotti, 3 books
Robert Bauval, 3 books
Gilles Dormion, 2 books
Manuel Minguez, 2 books
Raymond Oliver Faulkner, 2 books
George Andrew Reisner, 2 books
Dave Freer, 2 books
Mari C. Schuh, 2 books
James Wyckoff, 2 books
Teresa L. Hyman, 2 books
Jean Groffier, 2 books


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