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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barry Denyer-Green, 8 books
Navjit Ubhi, 6 books
Mary Walker, 4 books
Lawrence H. Keith, 4 books
Robert Rennie, 3 books
Douglas J. Cusine, 2 books
Robert F. Cushman, 2 books
Lawrence Wai-Chung Lai, 2 books
Hepburn, 2 books
Samantha Hepburn, 2 books
A.J. McDonald, 2 books
George Siedel, 2 books
Robert J. Aalberts, 2 books
D.J. Cusine, 2 books
Lord Gill, 2 books
Alasdair G. Fox, 2 books
David Lamming, 2 books
Peter Crampton, 2 books
J. Sibling, 2 books
J. Sipling, 2 books
Alastair R. Lucas, 2 books
John J. Lawler, 1 book
Roger W. Suddards, 1 book
Andrew Arden, 1 book
William J. Doyle, 1 book


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