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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Irla Zimmerman, 22 books
Violette Steiner, 22 books
Roberta Pond, 22 books
Judy Herr, 17 books
Teacher Created Materials, 14 books
Leanna Traill, 12 books
Greg Roebuck, 12 books
Vicky Shiotsu, 6 books
David Drew, 6 books
Steve Moline, 6 books
Liz Wilmes, 5 books
Yvonne R. Libby-Larson, 5 books
Dick Wilmes, 5 books
Margaret B. Puckett, 4 books
Kristine Slentz, 4 books
Terri Swim, 4 books
Jie-Qi Chen, 4 books
Elbert D. Solomon, 4 books
Thelma S. Solomon, 4 books
Martha Ray Dean, 4 books
Suzanne Krogh, 4 books
Pamela Ott, 3 books
Karen Menke Paciorek, 3 books
Joyce Huth Munro, 3 books


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