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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hidenori Kusaka, 24 books
Tracey West, 13 books
Simcha Whitehill, 9 books
Kazunori Aihara, 6 books
Maria S. Barbo, 4 books
Jason R. Rich, 4 books
Levi Buchanan, 3 books
Toshihiro Ono, 3 books
Michael Teitelbaum, 3 books
Sarah E. Heller, 3 books
Katherine Noll, 2 books
Gregg Sacon, 2 books
Brian Brokaw, 2 books
Hank Schlesinger, 2 books
J. Douglas Arnold, 2 books
Elizabeth Hollinger, 2 books
Elizabeth M. Hollinger, 2 books
Mato, 2 books
Takeshi Shudo, 2 books
Katherine Fang, 2 books
Kay Petronio, 2 books
Kellyn Ballard, 2 books
Pokemon Company International, 2 books
Eoin Sanders, 2 books
Rikao Yanagita, 2 books


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