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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kyŏng-nim Sin, 4 books
Sang-gyun Chŏng, 2 books
Yong-jik Kim, 2 books
Chʻung-gi Hwang, 2 books
Chong-dae Chŏng, 2 books
Tong-ho Chʻoe, 2 books
O-man Kwŏn, 2 books
Sŏng-u Yi, 2 books
In-hwan Ku, 1 book
Sam-ung Kim, 1 book
Hwan-mo Im, 1 book
Ik-ho Sin, 1 book
Kap-ki Kim, 1 book
Chong-gil Kim, 1 book
Hŭi-su Kim, 1 book
Chʻan-jŏng Kim, 1 book
Pyŏng-uk Min, 1 book
Yŏng-sam Kim, 1 book
Kyu-ik Cho, 1 book
Mun-yŏl Yi, 1 book
Se-yŏng O, 1 book
Sŏng-nyong Pak, 1 book
Ŭng-gyo Kim, 1 book
Sung-wŏn Yi, 1 book
Yong-chʻan Kim, 1 book


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