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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ludwig Harig, 2 books
Fritz Arens, 2 books
Adam Gottron, 1 book
Karl Schramm, 1 book
Frank P. Leslie, 1 book
Mochè Catane, 1 book
Albert Grenier, 1 book
Reinhard Schmid, 1 book
Johannes Bärmann, 1 book
Helmut Mathy, 1 book
Kurt Flasch, 1 book
Paul G. Ronell, 1 book
Georg May, 1 book
Manfred von Roesgen, 1 book
Helmut Peitsch, 1 book
T. C. W. Blanning, 1 book
Horst Reber, 1 book
Volker Kronemayer, 1 book
Weber, Wilhelm, 1 book
Gerlinde Weis, 1 book
Marlene Hübel, 1 book
Theodor Ruf, 1 book
Valerie M. Hope, 1 book
Franz Usinger, 1 book
Beate Schmid, 1 book


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