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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre Bonnaud, 10 books
Bruno Phalip, 4 books
Crozet, René, 4 books
Abel Poitrineau, 4 books
Gilles Lévy, 3 books
Henri Pourrat, 3 books
Jean Sanitas, 3 books
Jacques Mallouet, 3 books
Anne Courtillé, 3 books
E. Joubert, 2 books
Jean-Pierre Marty, 2 books
Marcel Laurent, 2 books
J. B. J. Tailhandier, 2 books
Roger Girard, 2 books
Dauzat, Albert, 2 books
Carl Gustaf Bernhard, 2 books
Aimé Rudel, 2 books
Henry Ingrand, 2 books
Victor Lhuer, 2 books
Gabriel Bayssat, 2 books
Rex Grizell, 1 book
Annie Regond, 1 book
Pierre Pascallon, 1 book
J. Froc, 1 book
Marie-Aimée Méraville, 1 book


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