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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Isorni, 12 books
Jacques Le Groignec, 7 books
Philip Guedalla, 6 books
André Figueras, 6 books
Richard Griffiths, 6 books
Jean Raymond Tournoux, 5 books
Philippe Pétain, 5 books
Guy Pedroncini, 5 books
Louis Auguste Paul Rougier, 4 books
Henry Rousso, 4 books
Bernard Serrigny, 3 books
Henri Michel, 3 books
André Géraud, 3 books
Jules Roy, 3 books
Jules Roy, 3 books
Alfred Fabre-Luce, 2 books
Rémy, 2 books
Marcel Haedrich, 2 books
Philippe Valode, 2 books
Spears, Edward Sir, 2 books
Henri Amouroux, 2 books
Claude Hisard, 2 books
Herbert R. Lottman, 2 books
Suarez, Georges., 2 books
Pierre Dhers, 2 books


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