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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barry Wilner, 3 books
Jeff Savage, 2 books
Ken Rappoport, 2 books
Archie Manning, 2 books
Geoffrey M. Horn, 1 book
Matt Doeden, 1 book
Samuel Willard Crompton, 1 book
Jim Gigliotti, 1 book
Sarah Tieck, 1 book
Jimmy Hyams, 1 book
Jason Glaser, 1 book
Matt Christopher, 1 book
Hal Marcovitz, 1 book
Joanne Mattern, 1 book
Marty Gitlin, 1 book
Mike Artell, 1 book
Lew Freedman, 1 book
Michael Sandler, 1 book
Hugh Hudson, 1 book
Samuel Etinde Crompton, 1 book
Mark Kiszla, 1 book


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