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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Klaus Kremer, 8 books
hyeronimus a montefortino, 7 books
Jasper Hopkins, 7 books
Reinhardt, Klaus, 7 books
Johannes Uebinger, 5 books
Harald Schwaetzer, 5 books
Erich Meuthen, 5 books
E. Vansteenberghe, 5 books
Gerd Heinz-Mohr, 3 books
Kurt Flasch, 3 books
Meuthen, Erich., 3 books
Eusebio Colomer, 3 books
Anneliese Meis Wörmer, 3 books
Schulze, Werner, 2 books
Viggo Rossvær, 2 books
Paolo Rotta, 2 books
Johannes Sløk, 2 books
Rudolf Haubst, 2 books
Giovanni Santinello, 2 books
Martin Thurner, 2 books
Hans Gerhard Senger, 2 books
Plato, 2 books
Johnson, Roger A., 2 books
Koch, Joseph, 2 books
Marco Moschini, 2 books


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