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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
György Lukács, 19 books
Michael Löwy, 6 books
George Lichtheim, 4 books
Agnes Heller, 4 books
Hauser, Arnold, 3 books
Nicolae Tertulian, 3 books
Lucien Goldmann, 3 books
László Sziklai, 3 books
G. H. R. Parkinson, 3 books
Ferenc Fehér, 3 books
Horst Althaus, 3 books
Hermann, István., 3 books
Sziklai, László., 3 books
Gerhard Pasternack, 2 books
Judith Marcus, 2 books
Willy Michel, 2 books
Ernst Bloch, 2 books
A. S. Stykalin, 2 books
Ursula Apitzsch, 2 books
Andrew Feenberg, 2 books
Varga, Csaba, 2 books
F. László Földényi, 2 books
Eva L. Corredor, 2 books
Armanda Guiducci, 2 books
Leo Kofler, 2 books


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