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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Georg Trakl, 7 books
Robert Rovini, 3 books
Walther Killy, 3 books
Heinz Rölleke, 3 books
Gunther Kleefeld, 2 books
Maire Jaanus, 2 books
Walter Ritzer, 2 books
Wetzel, Heinz, 2 books
Wilhelm Grasshoff, 2 books
Heinz Wetzel, 2 books
Hans Weichselbaum, 2 books
Franz Fühmann, 2 books
Paul Hindemith, 2 books
Hans-Georg Kemper, 2 books
Franz Fu hmann, 2 books
Doppler, Alfred, 2 books
Elisabetta Mengaldo, 2 books
Károly Csúri, 2 books
Ludwig Dietz, 2 books
Williams, Eric, 2 books
Barth, Emil, 2 books
Richard Detsch, 2 books
Hartmut Cellbrot, 1 book
Hans Esselborn, 1 book
Giuseppe Dolei, 1 book


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