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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gao, Yang, 6 books
Headland, Isaac Taylor, 4 books
Mu, Shufa., 3 books
Anchee Min, 3 books
Si Xiang, 3 books
Yang Gao, 3 books
Yong Wu, 3 books
Bland, J. O. P., 2 books
V. I. Semanov, 2 books
Haldane, Charlotte Franken, 2 books
Katharine A. Carl, 2 books
Marina Warner, 2 books
Yi Jin, 2 books
Pearl S. Buck, 2 books
Bi, Zhen, 1 book
Cai, Dongfan., 1 book
Wu, Yong., 1 book
Zhenjun, 1 book
X. L. Woo, 1 book
Sean Price, 1 book
Keith Laidler, 1 book
Norbert Meienberger, 1 book
Princess Der Ling, 1 book
Meribeth E. Cameron, 1 book
Pettit, Charles, 1 book


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