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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Péguy, 14 books
Simone Fraisse, 12 books
Daniel Halévy, 9 books
Jean Onimus, 9 books
Bernard Guyon, 6 books
Jacques Viard, 6 books
Louis Perche, 5 books
Jean Bastaire, 5 books
Julie Sabiani, 4 books
Théodore Quoniam, 4 books
J. Barbier, 4 books
Roussel, Jean, 4 books
Jean Delaporte, 4 books
Victor Boudon, 4 books
Auguste Martin, 4 books
Angelo Prontera, 4 books
Georges Cattaui, 3 books
Raymond Winling, 3 books
Romain Rolland, 3 books
René Johannet, 3 books
Alexander Dru, 3 books
Joseph Barbier, 3 books
Paul Cimon, 3 books
Marjorie (Howard) Villiers, 3 books
Roger Secrétain, 2 books


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