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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Albrecht Dürer, 94 books
Fedja Anzelewsky, 8 books
Matthias Mende, 8 books
H. Knackfuss, 8 books
Moritz Thausing, 6 books
Valentin Scherer, 5 books
Erwin Panofsky, 5 books
Albert Gümbel, 5 books
Peter Strieder, 5 books
Grote, Ludwig, 4 books
Hans Hoetink, 4 books
Lionel Cust, 4 books
Heinrich Wölfflin, 3 books
Marcel Brion, 3 books
Friedrich Winkler, 3 books
Max Steck, 3 books
Singer, Hans Wolfgang, 3 books
Emil Waldmann, 3 books
Ernst Ullmann, 3 books
Marcel Brion, 3 books
Walter Koschatzky, 3 books
Russell, Francis, 3 books
Lionel Cust, 3 books
Moses Foster Sweetser, 2 books
Peter Moser, 2 books


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