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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Norman D. Levine, 10 books
Edwin Linton, 10 books
R. Barry Nehring, 9 books
Maurice C. Hall, 7 books
Glenn L. Hoffman, 7 books
Murray J. Kennedy, 7 books
Harold Compere, 6 books
Elmer Ray Noble, 6 books
Jean Georges Baer, 6 books
Satyu Yamaguti, 6 books
Beneden M. van, 6 books
Schwartz, Benjamin, 6 books
Francesco Redi, 6 books
G. Mcclelland, 6 books
Harold Kirby, 5 books
Roger F. Cressey, 5 books
Leslie H. Chappell, 5 books
Harold Winfred Manter, 5 books
Angela E. R. Taylor, 5 books
J. N. Shaw, 5 books
L. Margolis, 5 books
Julius P. Kreier, 4 books
Petr Starý, 4 books
J. R. Arthur, 4 books
Rodney Alan Bray, 4 books


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