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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Diane De Groat, 9 books
Dori Chaconas, 6 books
Marci McGill, 4 books
Christine Webster, 3 books
Tony Johnston, 3 books
Dave Sargent, 3 books
JoAnn Early Macken, 3 books
Ellen Conford, 3 books
Patricia Whitehouse, 2 books
Coleen Salley, 2 books
Philip Hershkovitz, 2 books
Benjamin Smith Barton, 2 books
Elliott Coues, 2 books
Nancy Howard, 2 books
Anne Hunter, 2 books
Gina Freschet, 2 books
Eileen Christelow, 2 books
Sally M. Walker, 2 books
Anne LaBastille, 2 books
Laima Dingwall, 2 books
Jordan McGill, 2 books
Taylor, William, 1 book
Berniece Freschet, 1 book
D. Kent Morest, 1 book
Paul Demers, 1 book


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