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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nakano, Shigeharu, 2 books
Pierre Le-Tan, 2 books
Northrop Frye, 2 books
Horst W. Drescher, 1 book
Robert Frost, 1 book
Marcel Proust, 1 book
Pierre Bonnard, 1 book
Liebermann, Max, 1 book
Federico Fellini, 1 book
Jaccottet, Philippe., 1 book
Max Eyth, 1 book
Julie Bell, 1 book
Francisco Goya, 1 book
Gerhard Marcks, 1 book
Henry MacKenzie, 1 book
Léo Drouyn, 1 book
Claude Nougaro, 1 book
Tony Hunt, 1 book
Eberhard Schlotter, 1 book
Roland Dörfler, 1 book
Murray Bail, 1 book
Ruth Mohl, 1 book
Vanessa Bell, 1 book
Will Eisner, 1 book
Carol M. Armstrong, 1 book


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