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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bart Farkas, 11 books
Nick Roberts, 7 books
BradyGames (Firm), 5 books
Michael Knight, 4 books
Michael Lummis, 3 books
J. Douglas Arnold, 3 books
Simon Hill, 3 books
Joshua Robbins, 3 books
Keith M. Kolmos, 3 books
Kip Ward, 3 books
Michael Marts, 3 books
Omar Banmally, 3 books
Jeff Gomez, 3 books
Ian Osborne, 3 books
Jem Roberts, 3 books
Judd Robbins, 3 books
Jeff Barton, 2 books
Fernando Bueno, 2 books
Rick Barba, 2 books
Mel Odom, 2 books
BradyGames, 2 books
Mark Cohen, 2 books
Axel Floyd, 2 books
Mike Vanmantgem, 2 books
Mark Elies, 2 books


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