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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Adolf Hitler, 6 books
Konrad Heiden, 6 books
Martin Broszat, 4 books
Rauschning, Hermann, 4 books
Jeremy Noakes, 4 books
Geoffrey Pridham, 3 books
Theodore Fred Abel, 3 books
Werner Maser, 3 books
Peter Longerich, 3 books
Eugen Kogon, 3 books
Michael Wildt, 3 books
Joseph Goebbels, 3 books
Wolfram Wette, 3 books
Danuta Czech, 2 books
Manvell, Roger, 2 books
Ernst Bloch, 2 books
Edouard Calic, 2 books
Michael Rademacher, 2 books
Rudolf Heberle, 2 books
Joachim Lilla, 2 books
Roberts, Stephen Henry Sir, 2 books
Henry Victor Dicks, 2 books
Hamilton Twombly Burden, 2 books
George H. Stein, 2 books
C. A. MacDonald, 2 books


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