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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jonathan Petropoulos, 3 books
Berthold Hinz, 3 books
Henry Grosshans, 2 books
Peter W. Guenther, 2 books
George L. Mosse, 2 books
Olaf Peters, 2 books
Ingeborg Bloth, 2 books
Uwe Fleckner, 2 books
Thierry Féral, 2 books
Ernst Piper, 2 books
Nikola Doll, 2 books
Tobias Ronge, 2 books
Jost Hermand, 2 books
Paul Westheim, 2 books
Hermann Glaser, 2 books
Rave, Paul Ortwin, 1 book
Klaus Backes, 1 book
Klaus L. Berghahn, 1 book
Brigitte Reinhardt, 1 book
Adolf Hitler, 1 book
Karl Arndt, 1 book
Karl Obermann, 1 book
Hans-Joachim Manske, 1 book
Mark Warren, 1 book
Anette Kruszynski, 1 book


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