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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Stocks, 14 books
Andrew Maddocks, 14 books
Philip Hawthorn, 7 books
Valerie Stumbles, 7 books
Mary Martin, 7 books
Joan Arnold, 6 books
Alison Ley, 6 books
George Odam, 6 books
G. Curtis, 5 books
Daniel Dalton, 5 books
Lyn Wendon, 4 books
Brenda Piper, 4 books
Frank Cooke, 4 books
Brian Abbs, 3 books
Jenny Tyler, 3 books
Anthony Marks, 3 books
Daniel Hewitt, 3 books
David Bussick, 3 books
Anne Worrall, 3 books
Pauline Hall, 2 books
Gustav Holst, 2 books
F. Fowler, 2 books
Paul Harris, 2 books
Tim J. Spencer, 2 books
Stella Vassiliou, 2 books


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