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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Fred Weber, 25 books
John Williams, 12 books
James Ployhar, 11 books
Acton Ostling, 9 books
Willis Coggins, 7 books
Music Sales Corporation, 6 books
Victor Lopez, 6 books
Herman Vincent, 5 books
Frank Erickson, 4 books
David Bussick, 4 books
David Pearl, 3 books
William F. Lee, 3 books
Blaine Edlefsen, 3 books
James Progris, 3 books
John O'Reilly, 3 books
John Kinyon, 2 books
Gustav Holst, 2 books
Douglas Steensland, 2 books
Charles Gouse, 2 books
William Eisenhauer, 2 books
Ludwig Van Beethoven, 2 books
Steven Manus, 1 book
Britney Spears, 1 book
Fred Palmer, 1 book
Leon Goossens, 1 book


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