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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas S. Hischak, 4 books
Steven Cohan, 4 books
John Kobal, 4 books
Hal Leonard Corp., 3 books
John Kenneth Muir, 3 books
Hugh Fordin, 3 books
William A. Everett, 3 books
Don Tyler, 3 books
John Shipman Springer, 3 books
Ray Morton, 2 books
Stephen Tropiano, 2 books
Lee Edward Stern, 2 books
Alain Lacombe, 2 books
Colin Larkin, 2 books
Jean Jacques Jélot-Blanc, 2 books
Ethan Mordden, 2 books
Maḥmūd Qāsim, 2 books
Richard Chigley Lynch, 2 books
Pier Maria Bocchi, 2 books
Roy Hemming, 2 books
Richard Barrios, 2 books
Hugh Martin, 2 books
Klaus Stratemann, 2 books
Stanley Green, 2 books
Clive Hirschhorn, 1 book


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