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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aristoxenus, 4 books
Theon of Smyrna, 4 books
Thrasybulos Georgos Georgiades, 3 books
Wegner, Max, 3 books
Boethius, 3 books
Gert͡sman, E., 3 books
Günther Wille, 3 books
Stefan Hagel, 3 books
Ptolemy, 3 books
Marcus Meibom, 3 books
Warren D. Anderson, 3 books
Porphyry, 2 books
Leopoldo Gamberini, 2 books
Barker, Andrew, 2 books
Claude Calame, 2 books
Edward A. Lippman, 2 books
Wilson, Peter, 2 books
Laloy, Louis, 2 books
Andrew Barker, 2 books
Egert Pöhlmann, 2 books
M. L. West, 2 books
Carl Jan, 2 books
William C. Scott, 2 books
Samson Eitrem, 2 books
Flora R. Levin, 2 books


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